Opus Group 8th Anniversary

Dear Sir/Madam,

We mentioned this before and now, it is our pleasure to tell you that today marks the 8th anniversary of the Opus Group. Not only are we proud to have been around for eight years already, but we take great pride in the fact that despite the ever-changing legal environment, we continue to deliver new solutions based on knowledge, experience and trust.

We are confident that we have learned a lot over the eight years since Opus was founded. We primarily owe this to the feedback, including critical remarks, that we have been receiving from our Clients, Business Partners and everybody else who has faith in our project and our hard work. We would like to thank you all for your trust, your time and your patience. We realize that without you and your commitment, we could not be here to celebrate our 8th anniversary.

Today, we also have the pleasure to introduce you to our new logo that you will be seeing a lot while communicating with us. I hope you will like it. We trust the logo will come to stand for even better service and your satisfaction with what our services give to you.

The Opus Team is using today’s opportunity to take a moment to relax. We also want to spend the day with you during the Opus Group Open Doors Day at our offices in Krakow, Poznań and Warsaw. Starting tomorrow, our team of over 40 staff, including our colleagues at the offices in Cyprus, Malta and the United States, will be back to work for you with a lot of new and interesting ideas. We strongly encourage you to cooperate with us.

Thank you for another year with the Opus Group,

Agnieszka Rzepecka
on behalf of the Opus Team