OpusNet with the seat in Poland and other member countries of the European Union is a dynamically developing group of companies offering services of comprehensive consultancy for businesspeople in such areas as: trust – OpusTrust, law (economic, commercial, civil) – OpusLegal, taxes – OpusTax, accountancy – OpusFinance.

The scope of OpusNet services includes legal and tax systems from all over the world and is aimed at both Polish and foreign businesspeople. Therefore, we conduct our activities in Polish, English, Russian and German, as well as in other languages. Due to the wide variety of services offered in many jurisdictions, OpusNet is currently the only international group in Poland that provides their Clients with the one-stop-shop model of service. Our Clients come from all over Poland as well as Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Great Britain, Austria.

As a group, we offer services that constitute tools which help our Clients fulfill their business plans, both on the strategic and operational level. Thus, we pay particular attention to our Client’s business objectives, circumstances in which the business functions as well as opportunities and threats resulting from implementation of the planned actions so that these tools help the Client to optimally achieve their objectives as well as improve the business activity.

Currently, OpusNet Group employs almost 100 people in 11 branches in Poland, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia and USA. Other information may be found in both jurisdictions and contact pages.