Complex fiduciary services

OpusTrust renders services in terms of fiduciary activities. Due to the ability to recognize the needs of the Client, OpusTrust team helps with finding an optimal solution to achieve any business objective. In the course of implementation of these activities, OpusTrust conducts legal service due to OpusLegal, fiscal service due to OpusTax and accounting services due to OpusFinance.


The scope of OpusTrust services includes first and foremost:

  • establishing entities under the foreign law, such as: companies, investment funds, foundations, trusts and others;
  • providing these entities with the seat and rendering administration services for them;
  • performing services of a trust and a nominal shareholder;
  • sales of shares in companies under foreign law;
  • cooperation with financial institutions, including banks and brokerage houses, at the financial service of entities under Polish and foreign law.