OpusTrust specializes in establishing entities under both Polish and foreign law, including:

  • private limited companies,
  • partnerships,
  • family foundations,
  • foreign investment funds,
  • trusts.

Additionally, among other services, OpusTrust offers the possibility of acquiring shares in shelf companies. On the order of the Client, at the formation of the companies, OpusTrust uses the help of OpusLegal. It is also possible to obtain comprehensive legal and tax consulting by means of OpusTax  and OpusLegal companies.


Management Board and other bodies

Within the services offered, OpusTrust provides the trust. The trust, from the formal and legal point of view, acts as management of a given legal entity, e.g. a company. It is an institution necessary in at least two cases. Firstly, it is an element required for ensuring a company or a different entity tax residence in the country of its residence. Secondly, in case a given entity (e.g. a businessperson, investor) wishes to remain anonymous, the trust ensures confidentiality, e.g. in order to keep a trade secret. For a given entity (a company, a foundation, an investment fund) OpusTrust exercises management as fiduciary, i.e. on its own behalf, but for the benefit of the Client, in accordance with their instructions. Moreover, in some jurisdictions, another organ is company secretary. OpusLegal company, which is a member of OpusNet Group, participates in the process of appointing the trust or changes to its composition.


Nominal shareholder

OpusTrust offers its Clients the service of a nominal shareholder, which enables a private limited company to conduct business activity anonymously. This institution is often connected with the activity of the trust aimed at ensuring anonymity. Owing to the entity performing the service (OpusTrust), economic owner is not visible. In other words, the identity of the owner remains undisclosed. The subject institution is based on entrusting the shares to the trustee on the basis of entrustment act. In the process of appointing the nominal shareholder OpusTrust cooperates with OpusLegal company, which is a member of OpusNet Group.



Within the services rendered to the new entities, OpusTrust provides the services of administrating connected with timely performance of the Client’s instructions. The basis of the administrating service is ensuring the company good legal standing by fulfilling formal and legal requirements with respect to the local law.

These services, depending on the duties, are shared by OpusTrust with OpusNet Group companies: OpusFinance and OpusLegal. OpusTrust also renders services of opening and administrating bank and investment accounts all over the world (Switzerland, Great Britain, Cyprus, Malta, Austria).



OpusTrust provides the entities formed on the territory of a given country with the address of the seat. (it is an obvious requirement for every legal entity) It is also a basic condition for the legal entity to retain its tax residence.



OpusTrust also handles comprehensive fiduciary services of foreign investment funds including formation, administration and managing as well as corporate support. Moreover, OpusTrust with the cooperation of OpusTax and OpusLegal offers legal and tax consultancy regarding the use of foreign investment funds for conducting business activity on the territory of the Republic of Poland as well as their accounting support in compliance with all the Polish regulations on the consolidation of financial statements. OpusTrust helps to obtain a private investment fund license under the law of Cyprus for existing and operating companies under the Cyprian law as well as it offers the possibility of using a sub-fund of an investment fund under the law of Luxembourg.