In response to legislative changes regarding the CFC legislation, we would like to inform you that the offer of OpusTax, being a part of the Opus Group, now includes a complex solution that enables to launch a new or maintain the current structure so it still provides a beneficial tax effect. From the legal changes it follows that the effective business activities – so called substance of the controlled foreign companies becomes significant to fulfil the prerequisites. The offer includes a specialist audit considering the implementation of CFC rules into international structures which comprises:

  • comprehensive analysis of the factual state;
  • verification whether CFC Act shall be applicable to the analysed structure.

Our specialists will conduct an analysis based on the requirements specified in the CFC Act, aiming at the conclusion whether the solutions being at your disposal are sufficient to state that the company runs real business.

Simultanoeusly, we would like to suggest co-operation with Business Setting Services to those of you who are interested in conducting effective business activity with the use of foreign companies. OpusNet Group experts have researched the market with regard to such services and in our opinion Business Setting Services’ offer best satisfies the needs of entrepreneurs who look for substance services.