Within its services, OpusFinance provides true and thorough picture of the property and financial situation of the Client. In terms of money, it keeps record of appropriately documented economic events, which result in the changes in assets and their sources. Our priority is providing data that is necessary to take rational decisions and development steps. We make effort for our information to be significantly adjusted to the individual needs of a particular Client and internal legal regulations.



OpusFinance specializes in developing and implementing procedures enabling, among others, identification and analysis of potential distortions of date presented in financial statements, both in Poland, where audit is not obligatory, and in the countries such as Cyprus and Malta, where audit is compulsory. Performing an audit, we offer help in solving problems with the books and taxes, evaluation of efficiency of internal controls and identification of risks that are inseparable element of conducting any business activity. We use practical experience of our accounting team members, as well as the knowledge gained during works characterized by low level of repeatability.

We use the methodology that ensures congruence with current legal regulations, both generally in force (IAS/IFRS) and internal legal regulations regarding accountancy and fiscal law. We conduct our activities in close cooperation with other companies of OpusNet Group, i.e. OpusTax and OpusLegal. We cooperate with local auditors on a daily basis.


Calculating income tax and other fiscal charges

OpusFinance takes care of optimizing fiscal burdens of its Clients. Preparing tax settlement we take into account a number of factors: characteristics of the profile of a given enterprise, the situation of a trader, as well as requirements of the legal system where the business has its seat (fiscal jurisdiction). The final effect of the yearly tax settlement is calculation and transfer of due amounts of particular fiscal obligations to appropriately located tax offices or recovery of the overpaid amounts that had been transferred for the purposes mentioned above. The above mentioned constitutes the basis for issuing the so-called Tax Certificate, which gives businesspeople numerous fiscal preferences.

Within their services, OpusFinance specialists provide settlements of other specific burdens on income sources, for example the Cypriot (Special Defense for Contribution).


Settlements of VAT, VIES, INTRASTAT

The OpusFinance services cover first and foremost keeping the register of due input VAT tax for the purposes of internal settlements as well as intra-Community transactions. Our Clients receive also full service of transactions within INTRASTAT. We prepare and pass on to our Clients the necessary reporting documentation and we currently control the accuracy of settlements. We also take care of registering our Clients in the European base of tax identification numbers VIES.



OpusFinance renders services connected with adopting International Accounting Standards (IAS) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The OpusFinance team identifies and fixes the values of differences that can occur between the legislative reporting of a given country and precisely IAS/IRFS.



One of the areas of OpusFinance specialization is consolidation of financial statements. Each time in the situations identified in IAS/IFRS as well as internal legal regulations, we run appropriate procedures regarding financial reporting and financial data representation of our Clients. In particular, we help Clients, whose businesses are included in capital groups.


Capital markets service

The correctly developed capital market is one of the necessary attributes of an economically strong state. The activity of OpusFinance on the market involves applying specified forms of reporting and presentation of Clients’ data to the appropriate institutions of financial controlling.


Exchange rate differences

OpusFinance supports their Clients also when it comes to settling any transactions made with the use of more than one monetary unit other than the functional currency.


Taxes abroad

Running businesses in different countries involves fiscal risk. This risk relates directly to the business (it achieves good results or produces losses), but in final settlement it is transmitted on the trader (the owner, co-owners of the business). Our experience allows us to perform accurate and effective analysis of common problems faced by all taxpayers. In case of more complicated issues we cooperate with tax advisors from OpusTax.