Principles of rendering fiduciary services

OpusNet Group aims at performing fiduciary activities at the highest level. Next to securing for the Client the highest administration level, OpusNet, through its ethical code, applies the following principles:

  • of full discretion concerning Client’s identity and his/her personal data;
  • of full discretion concerning transactions, their conditions and decisions made within the framework of fiduciary activities;
  • of always acting in Client’s interest, with his/her consent and knowledge.

Moreover, to ensure application of the above mentioned principles, OpusNet pays particular attention to the aim and circumstances of applying fiduciary activities.

The basic principle is that all fiduciary activities serve purposes that are consistent with Polish and foreign law. It concerns mainly the law of public trading, law of competition protection, tax law, and also other scopes, where public interest should be particularly protected.

Moreover, OpusNet analyses whether fiduciary activities performed within the framework of its services do not harm the ethical standards, particularly good buyer practice, good practice of public trade or family relations principles.