Tax planning

Within the services offered, OpusTax deals with preparing comprehensive opinions pointing out tax implications of executed or planned transactions. We take into account the risk and the possibilities of minimizing it. For our Clients we prepare tax-effective and safe structures together with comprehensive presentation of their consequences in the form of potential tax burdens. We care for the choice of optimal solutions, identifying risk stemming from the changing regulations.



OpusTax specializes in the verification of the accuracy of recognition of income and tax deductible expenses. We offer help regarding planning the tax-effective operational, marketing, advertising and distribution structures. We give advice regarding transfer prices and a variety of cross-border transactions. Moreover, the scope of OpusTax activity includes the formation of tax-effective international structures, tax analysis and preparation of contracts and agreements as well as other services at the request of the Clients regarding their business activity.



OpusTax renders services of current consultancy concerning the VAT. We propose and adjust structures that minimize the risk of questioning the VAT settlements by tax control authorities. Our solutions are always developed on the basis of thorough analysis of the applied agreements. Also, OpusTax prepares opinions regarding draft agreements.



OpusTax specializes in the consultancy concerning tax situation of the Client’s employees, both Polish and foreign The services include tax issues, social security, preparation of annual tax declarations as well as planning the tax structures for non-residents, directors and managers.


Tax procedures

The OpusTrust team represents and supports their Clients on every stage of their tax procedures. We deal with preparing defense strategies, negotiations with representatives of the tax authorities, preparing explanations, objections, complaints and all other motions regarding conducted procedures.


Other taxes

Tax consultancy of OpusTax includes also the issues to do with stamp duty, tax on civil law activities, excise, customs and other taxes.