Educational activity

Despite the dynamic growth of fiduciary services in Poland, the awareness of this sector is still insufficient. It concerns the knowledge of international legal and tax solutions available mostly within the European Union. As the oldest business rendering fiduciary services in the country, OpusNet Group aims at building awareness and educating in the field of fiduciary activity in Poland. Our educational activity involves businesspeople, lawyers, law firm workers, law firm business partners, investors, financial institutions, government offices and higher education.


We conduct trainings on tax optimization and applying fiduciary actions. We are present on the most important, all-Poland and international conferences. We prepare comments, articles and other technical materials available via media. We share expert knowledge regarding the changing legal regulations and resulting possibilities of saving money. We present patterns of international tax planning and their usage in Polish economic turnover. We put emphasis on practical solutions of business problems, which we illustrate with case studies during lectures.


As part of our cooperation with higher education institutions, we conduct workshops and lectures for students. Each year we offer apprenticeships for students and graduates of economic, legal, management, finance and banking subjects. The apprentices in OpusNet Group get an opportunity to learn the rules of performing fiduciary activities basing on the legal and tax systems in Poland and all over the world.


We believe that the educational activity of the fiduciary services sector in Poland should refer to the question of the rules of performing the job of a trustee, especially the ethical code.